TFE ambassadors are equestrians who are not only passionate about their riding, but also fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Our ambassadors share our values and use social media to help spread awareness about our brand and the importance of health and wellness for equestrians.

We look for riders that understand that, just like in any sport, it is necessary for us to supplement our riding with exercise and fuel our bodies with nutritious food. We value the motivation and passion of our ambassadors to spread awareness about health and wellness for riders. We look for riders with established social media accounts and who post engaging content on a regular basis. We believe that the best brand ambassadors are those who already use and love our products.

Requirements to apply:

*Active on social media - particularly Instagram
*Passion for fitness or nutrition (and of course horses!)
*Interest in photography and/or fashion is a plus
*Open to Junior riders only - Professional riders may contact us at with sponsorship inquiries

Accepted applicants will be contacted within 3 weeks of application submission. The TFE Ambassador application will be open year-round and applicants may apply at any time. Ambassadorships will last 1 year from the date of acceptance. Successful TFE Ambassadors will be given the opportunity to extend their ambassadorship after 1 year.

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