Buyer Questionnaire
Ready to house hunt? It's a jungle out there: Prepare for a flurry of paperwork, stampedes of buyers competing for the same digs, and other challenges before you get your hands on those house keys. We won't lie: The process can be complex and stressful—which is why having a pro by your side can make all the difference.

You might have heard of buyer's agents, seller's agents, listing agents, and so on. You're a buyer, so what is a buyer's agent? True to their name, buyer's agents assist home buyers every step of the way; they can also save you tons of time and money on the road to homeownership.

At Peterson Properties Team we will guide you through the home-buying transaction and be at your disposal for any questions or concerns. This free service will save you time and money; so let's get started. The first thing we need to do is get to know you a little better. By answering these questions we will be able to weed through the houses on the market and find your best matches.

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What type of buyer are you?
If you haven't spoken to the bank yet no problem.
Are you pre qualified?
If yes what type of financing are you using?
What is price range are you looking in?
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What is your budget for monthly payment? (Think about what you are currently paying. Are you looking for an increase, decrease or around the same.)
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About the House
While you never get everything you want, we want to see how close we can get you.
What style of house do you prefer? (check all that apply)
How many bedrooms/bathrooms do you need?
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Check everything you HAVE TO have.
Tell us what you would LIKE TO have ( Now is your chance give us your wish list)
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Tell us what (if any) DEAL BREAKERS you have (Oil heat, septic, you hate yellow siding).
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How big of a house are we looking for?
How about the land?
Do you need to be in a certain School district? If yes which one?
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What cities, towns or areas do you want to live in?
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Which condition of house would you consider, check all that apply?
It's hard to get everything you want. Let's rank these in order of importance. 1 being most important and 4 being least.
Location (School District, Town, ext)
How did you hear about Peterson Properties Team? (Family, Friend, Sign, Zillow, Google, Facebook, etc.)
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