St.John's Young Adult Group (20s- 40s)
After realizing that not just 4 people can make this journey work by ourselves. We need your input and want to know what it is you are looking to gain while being apart of a new Young adult group at St.John's. We want to be sure this is for everyone and try to incorporate as many different interests as we can! Please take a moment to answer these 9 questions so we can have an better idea of what you are looking for to help make this group happen for St.John's.
What are you wanting to gain with a Young Adult Group at St.John's? *
Please describe the bible studies you would be interested in participating in...
What are the best evenings for you to meet with the group?
Would you be interested in hosting an evening either at church or in your home?
Would you be interested in doing fun activities (i.e. Winery trips, Float trip, bonfires etc...) and including a bible study into the activity for the night?
Would you want events to all be family friendly?
Would you be interested in child care at the church for these events if not?
How often would you be able to meet with the group?
Do you have any questions or comments or ideas for the group and how we can make this possible?
what is the best way to notify you about upcoming events
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