NEFA Course Grant Application
Please contact Thomas Bentley, NEFA Grants Coordinator, or any other NEFA BOD member with questions or comments.
About the New England Flying Disc Association
The mission of the New England Flying disc Association (NEFA) is to promote the growth of disc golf and related disc sports in and around New England, Eastern New York and Northern New Jersey. NEFA is a 501c3 member driven organization. NEFA provides grants to educators, course development and sanctions tournaments and a point series. Visit for more information.
About the Course Grant Program
NEFA proudly offers grants for promoting the growth or improvement of disc golf courses throughout New England, eastern New York and northern New Jersey. The grants are available for any NEFA member or group of members. All grant funding is subject to the requirements, guidelines and criterion listed in this application as well as available funding each year.

You can apply to this program at anytime. The NEFA Board of Directors anticipates reviewing and making decision on grants at the first meeting after May 1st and October 1st and making up to 2 grants in each period. Applications may be awarded, decline or delayed. Applications are evaluated by the entire NEFA Board using a shared and standard rubric.

The NEFA Course Grant Program is designed to support specific disc sport materials, infrastructure and projects that help to grow disc sports for the use and enjoyment of the general public and not to fund the sanctioning of tournaments or leagues.

Requests and awards may be up to $1,500 per application. Please note that the award amount may be less than the requested amount.

Competitive proposals will:
*Be accurate, complete, and full of details
*Demonstrate strong support of NEFA’s mission (see
*Be innovative, unique and beneficial to NEFA members and the general public
*Grow the sport by encouraging increased participation for players and/or spectators, etc.
*Support projects that create new or vastly improve existing courses
Course Grant Requirements
*Applicants must be current NEFA members.
*Course must have completed the purchase of at least eight (8) baskets or demonstrate equivalent progress towards the goal of a permanent completed course to qualify for grant funding. The burden of proof falls upon the applicant to show that the course has existing and/or has purchased at least 8 baskets or its equivalent.
*For applicants that are not course owners, a letter of authorization from the landowner approving the proposed project must accompany the grant application (if the landowner is a town board, commission or state/federal dept, said letter must be on official letterhead.)
*Recipients of course grants must complete proposed project within 12 months of receiving grant funds.
*Courses that are exclusively private/member only with no allowance for usage by the general public are not eligible.
Grant Terms
If your grant application is approved, the project leader agrees to:
*Signage (in perpetuity) must be provided for the purposes of acknowledging NEFA as the grant provider. The NEFA logo must be on the sign along with a brief description of the project that was awarded the large grant funds. Typical sign specs: 8.5 by 11” with a minimum font size of 12. NEFA can supply the official NEFA logo image in electronic form upon request. A photo of the NEFA logo/acknowledgement signage & its location must be submitted to the NEFA Board of Directors upon completion of the grant funded project.
*Sign an agreement with the NEFA agreeing to abide by the terms of this application.
*Include the NEFA logo on all printed material.
*Recognize the NEFA in all press announcements and media coverage related to the project.
*Identify the NEFA as an underwriter of the project.
*Hold NEFA harmless from all claims, liabilities, causes of action and judgment arising out of the project.
*Disclose to the NEFA, all financial aspects of the project funded by the grant.
*Write an article about your completed project for possible publication on or other NEFA literature.
*Send pictures, newspaper articles, programs and other documents for the grants archive.

**NEFA reserves the right to dismiss any application that does not meet the requirements and criteria set forth by the NEFA Board of Directors in this document. Any deviations , changes or delays to the proposed project that affects how the grant money will be used or may affect project completion deadlines, must be submitted in writing to the NEFA Board of Directors for review at least 1 month prior to the established deadline for project completion. Failure to meet this requirement may result in reclamation of a portion or all of the allocated grant funding. NEFA reserves the right to reclaim any grant funds disbursed for projects that do not comply with the requirements and criteria set forth by the NEFA Board of Directors in this document.**
Name of the primary applicant *
Names of secondary applicants and/or club and their officers
Address *
Email address *
NEFA member number *
What is the Project Proposal? Please describe this project in detail including its budget, rights to land usage, timeline and materials procured and still needed. *
Requested grant amount. Request can be from $250 to $1,500 and should correspond to the budget details listed in the previous response. *
How does this project support NEFA's mission statement? *
How does this project fulfill an unmet need in the disc golf community and what benefits does it provide to users? *
What special experience or qualifications do you or your group have that will benefit this project? *
What is the likelihood of completing this project without a NEFA Grant and what, if any, additional resources will be needed to complete this project (people, equipment, partners)? *
Please feel free to furnish any additional information here that you believe would be helpful for the NEFA BOD in assessing this application or project.
Applicant Signature/Disclaimer: I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I have read and understand the NEFA Grant Program Policies and Procedures set herein the NEFA Grant Application and, that all information included with our application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. *
Thank you for your application!
Please contact Thomas Bentley, NEFA Grants Coordinator, or any other NEFA BOD member with questions or comments.
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