Appraisal Survey 2021
This survey is anonymous and will be used to provide a picture of appraisal culture in the Trust and inform future appraisal training provision, it will also indicate the Trust's progress towards meeting our People Priorities to be the #BestPlacetoWork

Please complete the appraisal survey based on your experience of your appraisal in 2021
Appraisal quality
Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements about the quality of your appraisal:
My appraisal conversation helped me to improve how I do my job. *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
My appraisal conversation helped me to agree clear objectives for my work. *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
My appraisal conversation left me feeling that my work is valued by the Trust. *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
My appraisal conversation about my personal development was valuable to me. *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Please write one word to describe how you felt about your appraisal conversation. *
My appraisal conversation could have been even better if...
Personal development
The following questions are about personal development opportunities connected with your appraisal.
Did you agree to access any Personal Development as part of your appraisal conversation? *
What personal development opportunities would you like to see offered by the Trust which are not currently available?
Protected characteristics data
The following personal data is requested to assess staff experience of appraisal in connection with protected characteristics to ensure the Trust is treating all its staff fairly aligned to our organisational value ‘Fair’ and organisational priority ‘To be free from discrimination’. This information will be used to inform our next steps in ensuring the experience of appraisal is positive for all staff.
With which ethnic background do you identify? *
What is your gender identity? *
What is your sex? *
What is your sexual orientation? *
Do you consider yourself to have a disability? *
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What is your religion or belief? *
Organisational monitoring
The following question is optional but will help in identifying areas which may benefit from further support.
What CSU or corporate division do you work in?
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