"STUDENT" - Students@Work℠ Pre-Survey Questions
Please check "Y" for Yes, and "N" for No
1. Please enter your school's 6-digit number (if you do not know what this is, please ask your S@W teacher)
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2. What is your gender?
3. What is your grade level?
4. What is your ethnicity?
5. Is this your first experience with Students@Work℠?
6. I am familiar with the term "nontraditional career."
7. I know that I would like to pursue post-secondary education after high school.
8. What does the acronym STEM stand for? (Fill in short answer)
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9. Have you taken any type of career assessment in middle school?
10. I have an idea of what courses I will select in high school.
11. I know the importance of obtaining a high school diploma.
12. I plan to obtain a high school diploma.
13. I would like to pursue a post-secondary education or certification after high school.
14. I know about a variety of careers.
15. I am aware of the skills needed for a variety of careers.
16. What do you hope to learn from your Students@Work℠ experience? (Fill in)
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