Knowledge sharing survey: Agriculture in the Digital Age

Havos2020: Agriculture in the Digital Age is led by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, and Cornell University. We are conducting a robust, high-impact assessment of how the proliferation of digital technology and data analytics in agriculture is contributing to the lives of farmers and agricultural service providers.

We will do this through a global and comprehensive synthesis of the evidence using formal review methods and expert interviews on emerging issues. We aim to develop a comprehensive and reliable online resource for the global community that can also serve as a resource for funder and expert decision-making. We expect the results to be available in late fall 2020.

šš®š­ š°šž š§šžšžš š²šØš®š« š”šžš„š©!

The study team has a comprehensive process in place to aggregate and analyze materials from large online repositories and databases, but in order to improve the range and diversity of resources that are included in this study, we aim to include community-sourced documents.

We would be grateful for your assistance in sharing materials from your programs, such as monitoring and learning evaluations, impact assessments, project reports or other materials relevant to our study area that might be difficult for the project team to discover without your assistance.

We are also interested in hearing from individuals and groups who would like to participate in small and online group consultations.

To say thank you for your time and effort with this project, we will include names / organizations in our final report if your materials are included in our analysis.

Using the survey below:

ā€¢ Please include URLs where we can find small-studies or other 'hard to find' materials.
ā€¢ Select Yes or No if the materials can be made available as part of a public-facing online resource. (Selecting
"no" will not preclude the study team from reviewing the materials, however.)
ā€¢ Include your name and organization URL is your want to be considered for a small-group consultation

Please share your materials and register your interest before š‰š®š§šž šŸ‘šŸŽ, šŸšŸŽšŸšŸŽ.

Thank you for taking time to increase the diversity and range of resources for this landscape review!

Note: if you have individual documents that you would like to share and that cannot be found on any website, please contact Jaron Porciello (program director) at jat264 at cornell dot edu
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Please include relevant websites or URLs of materials that could inform how the proliferation of digital technology and data analytics in agriculture is contributing to the lives of farmers and agricultural service providers. Please separate the URLs with semi-colon or use separate lines.
** If you would prefer to upload documents instead of proivding URLS, please copy and paste the link below in your browser window. It will take you to a NEW survey where you can upload documents to a Google Drive account. You will be asked to sign in using your Google account.
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