Goldthread. Stories told with you in mind.

We're Goldthread, a team of multilingual reporters and filmmakers bringing you stories on Chinese culture. We're third culture kids from all over, from the U.S. to Asia. You may have seen some of our videos and food guides ( making their rounds online.

We're new and a small team. We know firsthand how complex and far-reaching Chinese culture can be and we know we can't do it alone.

So, we wanted to use this space to say hi and to open the floor to you.

Pitch to us.
What are you curious about?
What do you want to know about Chinese food, culture, travel, and identity?
What do you want to know about China and Asia?
What is missing from the stories you see in the media?
What don't you wanna see?

Tell us what you want to know more about and we'll do our best to bring you back the stories you deserve.

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If you want to know more about us and who we are, watch our Goldthread intro video:
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