Microfridge Rental - University of Nebraska Kearney

Welcome to the residence halls of the University of Nebraska at Kearney! To make your room a little more like a “home away from home”, the Office of Residence Life is offering on-campus students the opportunity to lease a MicroFridge® multipliance refrigerator.

With a MicroFridge®, you can choose to have cold drinks, snacks, frozen dinners, hot meals and even ice cream right in your room. No more late night trips to convenience stores, raids on the vending machines or telephone calls to the pizza delivery place. Thousands of students across the country have made the MicroFridge® the most popular rental appliance available. And now it is available to you!

Why rent from us?

• LOW COST. When splitting costs with your roommate, rental of a MicroFridge® unit is a
fraction of the cost of buying. And you don’t even have to jam it in your car with all of your
other belongings! Your microfridge unit will be delivered directly to your residence hall room.

• 100% GUARANTEE. If your MicroFridge® unit quits working for any reason, we replace it free
of charge immediately. No waiting for service or sending it away to be repaired.


• The MicroFridge® MF2 multipliance features a 2.1 Cu. ft. auto-defrost refrigerator, a separate
door REAL FREEZER that keeps ice cream, ice cubes and frozen foods truly frozen and a
600 watt microwave oven with a turntable. MicroFridge® units are nearly new and are in good
condition. PLEASE NOTE: Due to its patented power saving features, the microwave oven
on the MicroFridge unit is the only microwave oven permitted in student rooms.

Rental Agreement

The LESSEE (student) does hereby agree to rent one MicroFridge® unit from the Residence Life Refrigerator Rental Program, the LESSOR, in cooperation with MicroFridge Inc., according to the following terms for the academic year.

1. Lessors shall, during the said agreement, keep and maintain the MicroFridge® in good working condition, reasonable wear and tear alone excepted. Lessors will, at their own expense, replace or repair any unit should said unit fail to operate normally, except those which are damaged through misuse, negligence, carelessness or irresponsible use by the lessee.

2. When said MicroFridge® is returned, the unit must be thoroughly cleaned, defrosted and dry. The unit must be returned with all of the parts. There will be a $25.00 charge assessed to the LESSEE if the cleaning directions are not followed and or if LESSEE dose not return the unit to the designated location with all the appropriate equipment, plus charges for missing equipment.

3. The rented unit shall not be removed from the address listed on the front side of this agreement without notifying the Office of Residence Life staff. If LESSEE moves the Rental Unit to a different hall without notifying the Office of Residence Life staff the LESSEE will be billed $25.00.

4. Before expiration of this agreement, the lessee will receive written notification of where to return the MicroFridge® through the Residence Life Staff. The LESSEE is responsible for the unit until it is properly returned.

5. The LESSEE understands that the MicroFridge® requires a grounded outlet. If your room does not have a three-prong outlet, a grounded adapter must be used. Also, if an extension cord is used, it must be a heavy-duty extension cord, no less than #18 wire.

6. The undersigned shall reimburse the lessor for any and all loss or damage to said property from any cause whatsoever, reasonable wear and tear alone accepted, as indicated above. Replacement costs are as follows: MicroFridge® MF2: $500.00 Microwave Plate $30.00, Shelf $10.00 Ice Cube Trays $ 5.00, Microwave spinner $20.00 Ice Scraper $ 5.00

7. Refund/Cancellation Policy for yearly academic rentals: If a student is called to active duty, or withdraws from school due to a medical problem or a family emergency a full refund will be granted, with proper documentation. Otherwise: If a student decides they do not want the unit:
During the first week of the Semester 75% refund
After the first week of the Semester No refund if the student is withdrawing from school:
During the first week 100% refund
During the second week 75% refund
During the third week 50% refund
During the fourth week 25% refund
After the fourth week No refund
Cancellations beyond these time limits will receive no refund.

8. LESSEE will be billed $40.00 if it is necessary to search for the Rental Unit, or for early termination that requires special pickup arrangements. Details of pickup arrangements will be posted at LESSEE’s school before the end of the academic year.

9. All returned checks will be assessed a $30.00 fee for bank charges.

Electronic Check Re-presentment Policy: In the event that your check is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds, we may re-present your check electronically. In the ordinary course of business, your check will not be provided to you with to your bank statement, but a copy can be retrieved by contacting your financial institution.

Academic Year Rental Cost: $125.00

Fill out this registration form below to reserve your refrigerator for the upcoming school year. Supplies are limited, so ACT NOW! If both roommates order, we will refund the later payment received. To ensure a MicroFridge in your room when you arrive, payment must be received two weeks prior to the beginning of the academic semester. All payments received after this date will be delivered as soon as possible.

Please complete the on-line form below to reserve your microfridge.

I accept your offer for the use of a MicroFridge® at the University of Nebraska at Kearney for the new academic school year. The payment of $125.00 will need to be received in cash or a check or money order sent to the Office of Residence Life, 2615 11th Avenue, Kearney, NE 68849-5210. Please include your name and student NUID number so that the payment can be credited to the correct student. If you have questions or concerns, please contract the Office of Residence Life at 308-865-8519..


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