2019 SWCSD Summer School Registration
Welcome to Summer School Registration. Summer school is a credit recovery option for high school students. The only courses available for first-time credit are health, physical education, and American Government, all others are credit recovery only.

Summer school dates are June 10 - 28, 2019, Monday - Friday, from 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at Central Crossing High School.

Students MUST attend all 15 days to complete the required seat time. All the information requested below is required to complete the registration. Full payment of $175 (resident fee) or $350 (non-resident) is due at time of registration. If you have any questions, please contact the student's school counselor.

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*If paying by check or money order, list the number on the line below. After May 31, 2019, we will only accept CASH or CREDIT CARD payments: *
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For current seniors: Will you be eligible to graduate in August 2019 if you pass summer school? *
ADDITIONAL EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION - Please provide the contacts' name, relation to the student, and a contact phone number. You can list more than one. *
STUDENT'S MEDICAL INFORMATION: Please list below facts concerning the student's medical history, including allergies, medications currently taking, and any physical impairments to which a physician should be alerted in an emergency: *
Does the student have an active IEP or 504 Plan? If so, a copy should be provided for the summer school teacher. *
EMERGENCY CONSENT (PART I or PART II must be completed.) *
PART I - To GRANT Emergency Consent (By making a selection in this box, I grant consent as stated here.)
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PART II - To REFUSE Emergency Consent: By making a selection in this box, you are refusing consent for emergency medical treatment of your student. (Do NOT complete this section if you completed PART I - Consent section above.)
In the event of illness or injury requiring emergency treatment, I wish the school authorities to take the following action. Please explain: *
Refund Policy (Read and check each box below indicating you have read and understand each comment.) *
Summer school fees can be paid in the activity clerk's office at the school. After May 31, 2019, CASH-ONLY payments will be accepted at SWCSD District Service Center at 3805 Marlane Drive, Grove City, Ohio. Don't forget the receipt for your proof of payment.
If you have any questions regarding summer school, please contact the school counselor for assistance. After May 31, 2019, please call 614-801-3000, ext. 3085. We look forward to seeing you at 8:00 a.m. on June 10, 2019, at Central Crossing High School.
Please enter the name of the person completing this registration form and your phone number for any follow-up questions. *
Your registration is almost complete. After you answer all the questions, scroll down, and click "SUBMIT." If you don't click "SUBMIT" your registration information will not be recorded and your student will not be registered for summer school.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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