SFWA Career Mentor Questionnaire
Greetings, SFWA Mentorship Initiative Mentor Applicant! We're happy that you're interested in our program, and are gratified to see you “paying it forward.”

The SFWA Mentoring Initiative is an all-volunteer service provided free of charge, which aims to connect emerging writers to each other and to established pros with the objective of providing community, sharing knowledge, and offering networking opportunities. It is in general focused on professional development rather than artistic development. In other words, if you are selected for the program, you will not be expected to critique work for your mentee.

The Initiative is open to SFWA members both active and associate as well as to aspiring members. Mentors are drawn from the ranks of active and associate SFWA members and other professional writers. Each match will last three months, barring unforeseen circumstances.

One of our goals is to create ongoing relevance in SFWA by extending its benefits to the generations of writers who will hopefully join and perpetuate the organization.

Please let us know a little about yourself by answering the following questions, which will help us match participants. Please contact mentor@sfwa.org with any further questions.

🚨***If you were a mentor already earlier this year and nothing has changed in your responses to the questions below, you can email mentor@sfwa.org and say something along the lines of "I want to mentor again! Please use my previous answers." You may also be able to edit your responses to the previous questionnaire, but if you do that, please let us know as well with an email, since we won't notice it otherwise.***🚨

This application is open now (October 2, 2019) and will stay open, but we will begin making matches for this round in mid-October.

If you are not matched, it is not a reflection on your abilities. We just may not have the right mentee for you in this round.

If you would like to see the guidelines, they are available here:
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Name: *
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What are your pronouns? *
Are you 21 years old or older? *
You must be 21 to participate.
What is your relationship to SFWA? *
You do not need to be a member to participate. To see the membership requirements, please visit http://www.sfwa.org/about/join-us/sfwa-membership-requirements/
What teaching or mentorship experience do you have? *
Extensive experience
Some experience
No experience
Teaching writing
Mentoring writers
Teaching in another field
Mentoring in another field
Have you previously participated in the SFWA mentorship program? *
How interested are you in discussing the following topics with your mentee? *
Very Interested
Somewhat Interested
Not Interested
The agent process
Short fiction
Self publishing
Social media
Making a living while writing
Balancing non-writing demands with writing
Editing and responding to edits
Critique groups and workshops
Con programming (how to be a panelist, moderator, etc)
Debut novelist stuff
Public speaking
I just want to be a welcoming face for newcomers to the community.
Please list any other topics you would like to discuss with a mentee:
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What is your experience or familiarity with the following: *
A lot of experience
Some experience
No experience
Workshops/ writing education
Critiquing and critique groups
Con attending and/or participation
Short story publication (pro markets)
Short story publication (semi-pro markets)
Short story submission
Short story writing
Novel publication (big 5)
Novel publication (small press)
Novel writing
Querying or going on submission
Social media
Game writing
If you have other relevant experience that you would like to share, please do so here:
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How often do you write in the following genres: *
Science Fiction
Hard Sci Fi
Contemporary Fantasy/ Urban Fantasy
Epic Fantasy/ Secondary World Fantasy
Mystery/ Thriller
Do you prefer a particular medium or style of communication? *
If there are any aspects of your identity that you would like your mentee to share, please let us know and we will do our best to match you accordingly.
If you have multiple intersectional identity aspects, please tell us which is most important to you to be matched on.
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If we are unable to match you on at least one aspect of your identity, are you interested in being matched with a mentee who does not share your specific identity match request?
Is there anything else you’d like us to know, that may help us in matching you with a mentee?
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Are there any accommodations you need in order to participate in written or oral communication with your mentee?
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Is there anyone you'd prefer not to work with?
This information will be kept confidential.
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Please provide the names and email addresses of two people who know you well. *
One may be a family member.
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Would you be willing to mentor more than one mentee? *
The SFWA Mentoring Program appreciates your interest in becoming a mentor. This application is intended as a means of informing and gaining your consent to participate in the SFWA Career Mentoring Program. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING.
After receiving this completed application from you, we will evaluate the information and use it to match you with an appropriate mentee. Therefore, the mentoring staff may, at times, need to access and share this information with prospective mentees and other parties when it is in the best interest of the match.

Please initial each of the following:
I give my informed consent to participate in the SFWA Mentoring Program and its related activities. *
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I agree to follow all mentoring program guidelines and understand that any violation on my part may result in suspension and/or termination of the mentoring relationship. *
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I understand that basic information about me will be shared with a prospective mentee(s) to aid in determining a suitable match. Once a mentor/mentee match is determined, other relevant information will be shared with the mentor to the extent it aids in facilitating a successful match. *
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I hereby acknowledge that any transportation by my mentee while participating in the SFWA Mentoring Program is voluntary and at my own risk. *
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I release the SFWA Mentoring Program of all liability of injury, death, or other damages to me, my family, estate, heirs, or assigns that may result from my participation in the program, including but not limited to transportation, and hold harmless any SFWA mentor, program volunteers, staff, or other representatives, both collectively and individually, of any injury, physical or emotional, other than where gross negligence has been determined. *
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(optional) I agree to allow SFWA to use any photographic image of me taken at a mentoring program event. These images may be used in promotions or other related marketing materials.
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By electronically signing/typing my legal name and the date below, I attest to the truthfulness of all information listed on this application and agree to all the above terms and conditions. *
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