Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) application form
To Parents:

Thank you for your interest in registering your child for our CIT program. This program is developed to identify and prepare future counsellors for Camp Tournesol. It is important that the applicant make the decision to apply and that he or she be interested in eventually becoming a counsellor. Please note that new applicants are also required to attend our Leadership Program - more information on this program can be found here:

Given the training and evaluation investment in our CITs we require a minimum enrolment of two weeks. The CIT will be given responsibilities and placed in situations to develop leadership skills. Each CIT is assigned to a group and mentored by one of our senior camp counsellors. They will gain experience through observing and teaching a sport or activity at least twice during a one ­week period and organizing and teaching camp games at recess.

Only highly motivated and dedicated young people should consider applying. Poor performance in this program will greatly reduce their chance of securing employment with us in the future.

This form must be completed, in French, by the applicant.

This application is incomplete and will not be reviewed until your child has registered online for a minimum of two weeks as a CIT and for the Leadership Program if applicable, and all applicable documents have been received. Should you have any questions about the Counsellor-in-Training application process, please email
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