IYCN Conference Presence Representative Form
For a chance to be considered as an IYCN conference representative please submit this form within 3 months of the conference you intend to participate in. Decisions will be made within 2 weeks of the form submission.
Email address *
List your full name, professional affiliation, and IYCN affiliation (if any). *
List the name, location, and dates of the conference. If available, include a webpage to the conference. *
How does this conference relate to IYCN and its mission? *
What type of IYCN presence is possible at this conference? *
If you are presenting a poster will you be able to print a poster at your institution for free? *
Approximately how many attendees are expected at this conference?
What IYCN materials would you like to distribute? (Select all that apply) *
Please comment here if IYCN can help you with any additional needs or requests (optional).
After your conference - A brief write-up, with pictures, is due within a week of your conference participation to the Chair of the Conference Presence and Social Media Committees. Lack of compliance with this rules will result in suspension from the IYCN conference presence delegate list. *
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