ISWC 2018 Student Travel Award Application Form
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Your supervisor must send an email to that confirms that you are a student at the above institution and that you will be attending ISWC 2015.  Please make sure that the email address that you specify here is the one that they will use to email us.
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Please tell us the title and author list of your main submission that was accepted to ISWC 2018. *
Please tell us the track or workshop that your main submission was accepted to. *
Please tell us how you intend to participate in ISWC 2018 *
Please provide us with the details of any funds that you already have that will partially cover your ISWC 2018 trip expenses *
Please provide us with an estimated budget for your travel.  Please indicate which items are covered by existing funds from your university, program or other sources. *
You should list the details and the (approximate) costs of flights, accommodation (including the number of nights), expenses for meals and conference registration fees.  Please list costs in US Dollars (USD).
If you require financial support for special assistance or support for on-site child care costs in order to attend ISWC (that are not covered by other sources of funding) there is a possibility that we might be able to help you cover these costs in part.  Please provide details here.
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