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Phone numbers:
Kruttika Gogte: +91 8411814990
Kedar Gogte: +91 9850896145
On Google Maps: Pets' Inn Pune.
Check in - Check out Timing: 11 am

Please fill this form before boarding your pet for the first time. This will help us get to know your pets' habits and preferences and enable us to make their stay with us more comfortable.
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Terms and Conditions
1. Pets will be accepted for boarding only if found fit and healthy.
2. Pets must not have any ticks, other external parasites, skin diseases or any other contagious diseases at the time of boarding.
3. Ferocious pets will not be accepted as boarders under any circumstances.
4. In case of any illness - major or minor - the pet shall be referred to the veterinary doctor as per the details provided by you. In the event of non-availability of your veterinary doctor the services of our regular veterinary doctor shall be availed of.
5. All assistance (including medical care) will be rendered and duly provided. The client will bear the cost.
6. If the pet does not make it through the illness in spite of the medical treatment provided, the management will NOT be responsible in terms of either cash or kind. To this effect, a veterinary doctor's certificate and details of treatment rendered shall be provided.
7. If there is no communication of any sort from the owner 5 days after the scheduled pick up date, the management will NOT be responsible for the pet in any way. The pet will thus be dropped off at the address given by the owner promptly.
8. A pet's stay can be cancelled by the management at any time.
9. All payments must be made in advance.
10. Medicines/Tonics required by your pet should be handed over at the time of boarding.
11. The management is NOT responsible for any acute diseases or the death of your pet.
12. The prices are strictly non-negotiable.
13. Prices do not include pick up and drop.
14. Any facility other than boarding that is availed of, like in-house tick treatment, shampoo and bath, pick up and drop etc. will be charged additionally.
15. We have your permission to use your pets' photographs and videos on social media.We'll try to make them superstars! ;)
16. Check ins and check outs happen only between 9:30 am and 11 am and 4:30 pm and 6 pm.
17. For those checking out post 11 am, if the check in has happened in the morning, half day's charges will be applicable.
I have read the terms and conditions and am ready to abide by all these conditions stated herein. I, of my own free will and accord offer my pet as a boarder at Pets' Inn from and till the above mentioned dates. I have duly filled in all the details. *
Full payment for your pet's stay and any add-on services you opt for will have to be made in advance *
Thank You!
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