Title Student End of the Year Survey for 2019-2020 School Year
Please fill out the following questions about Coahoma Early College High School. This information will be used in planning for the 2019-2020 school year. Your voice is important! Thank you for your assistance in our planning process.
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How old are you?
What grade are you in?
School Climate
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I feel safe at this school.
In my school, students are treated with respect.
My school makes sure that there is at least one adult who knows me well and shows interest in my education and future.
In my school, building and grounds are safe, clean, and provide a healthy place for learning.
In my school the students respect the property of others.
In my school, I have access to counseling, career planning, and other programs to help me in school.
Students at CECHS have chances to help to decide on things like class activities and rules.
I am treated with respect by teachers.
I am treated with respect by administrators.
Do you feel that many students attending CECHS have drug and/or alcohol abuse problems?
Drugs and/or alcohol abuse should be regularly discussed in student programs.
My teachers are understanding when students have personal problems.
My teachers set high standards for achievement in their classes.
My teachers help me gain confidence in my ability to learn.
My teachers make learning fun.
I understand how to apply what I learn at school to real-life situations.
This school is preparing me well for college and career readiness.
In my school, a high quality education is offered.
My school gives me multiple assessments to check my understanding of what was taught.
My school provides me with a challenging curriculum and learning experiences.
My school motivates me to learn new things.
My teacher uses a variety of teaching methods and learning activities to help me develop the skills I will need to succeed.
My teachers keep my family informed of my academic progress.
As a CECHS student, I feel that more emphasis should be placed on which tested subject area?
Please explain what you feel should be done in the subject area to increase academic success.
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School Activities and Programs
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As a student at CECHS, I have the opportunity to participate in sports, clubs, and other activities outside of the classroom
In my school, programs and services are available to help me succeed.
My school offers opportunities for my family to become involved in school activities and my learning.
My school provides learning services for me according to my needs.
In my school, a variety of resources are available to help me succeed (teaching staff, technology, counseling).
In my school, computers are up-to-date and used by teachers to help me learn.
In my school, the purpose and expectations are clearly explained to me and my family.
In my school, students treat adults with respect.
In my school, the principal and teachers have high expectations of me.
My teachers explain their expectations for learning and behavior so I can be successful.
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