Mason City Community Schools Boundary Exception Request
What is a Boundary Exception Request?

When you reside in one neighborhood school boundary and wish for your child to attend another.

Boundary Exception Request is needed:

For each new school year that you wish your child to attend a different school; or
If  you move during the school year and are no longer in the neighborhood school boundary.

Decisions for boundary request will be made the end of July.

Please note: boundaries are applied for and approved on a year-to-year basis, which means your child may not be finishing their elementary school career at the school where they started.

If boundary exception is approved, please note the following:

1. It is for the current school year only.  You need to apply every year you wish your child to attend another school other than your neighborhood school.

2. It is your responsibility to arrange for whatever transportation is necessary for your child.

3. We reserve the right to reassign your child if after re-examining enrollment figures and find the pupil/teacher ratio is unusually large.

4. Your child must exhibit appropriate behavior and attendance (absences and tardies) in order to remain in attendance at the school you have requested the boundary to.

Questions: Contact the district office at 641-450-5002.

Ways to complete Boundary Request:

1. Complete request online.

2. Complete request at child's school.

3. Call Boundary Request into district office at 641-450-5002.

Please note that only one Boundary Request Application is needed per family.

You do not need a separate application for each student.
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Student Information
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