A key strategic angle that organizations have found inevitable in their operations is the area of Human Resources Development (HRD) and more so in the area of training and development. Focus on the area of training has taken the center stage for business operations as it offers an opportunity to discover, teach and develop individuals or groups by imparting skills and knowledge that will see to retention, upgrade or update of skills in various areas of operation. By receiving training, a competitive edge and better job performance in an organizational set up is gained and this workplace educational process creates an opportunity to;
- Sharpen skills and concepts
- Bring about change of attitudes
- Increase knowledge base in an area of operation
- Address and reduce weak links
- Boost performance as it builds confidence whilst promoting consistency
- Gain a competitive cutting edge to work approach
- Enjoy increased workforce satisfaction due to the value attached to such support systems in an organization

Training and Development is part of best practices in human resource and the purpose of this survey questionnaire is to establish the following facets in the organization with a view of making recommendations for training;

- Competences and skills set already available
- Knowledge and competence gaps
Please respond as instructed in an honest, trustful and objective manner.

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