Spring 2020 JBF Denver VIP - We tag it, you make $
No time to tag your items? We'll do it for you! Please read all of the following and agree to all of them and we will contact you to set you up with a tagger.

Steps to get items ready for VIP:
- Sort items by size and gender and put like items together (0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24, 2T, 3T, etc)
- If you are boxing items, please put paper on top of size or sort in separate bags in the box
- Take out items that are torn, stained or not sellable (you will be charged for these items)
- Make sure all toys have batteries and work (all items that aren't working will be donated)
- Make sure all pieces are included with all puzzles, games, etc. We will charge $5 per item if pieces aren't included.
- Label boxes or bags with your name
- Find a time to drop off your items to your designated VIP tagger
- Be excited to declutter your house and make money while doing it
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What area do you live/work? *
Ex: work in Stapleton, live near Colorado and Alameda. This helps us match you with a tagger that is close to you.
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Phone Number *
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Consignor Number
Z-100-ZIA (example) If you don't know it, or don't have one, we'll assign one. If you aren't sure, please leave this blank.
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I understand and agree that Just Between Friends is not responsible for fire, loss, theft or damage to my sale items. JBF does not own these items, and can therefore not insure them, or be held liable for them in any way. My personal insurance may cover these items and I am responsible for knowing my personal policy and obtaining coverage. *
A $20 consignor fee will be charged for the first 150 items and a $5 dollar fee will be added for every 100 items after that and taken out of my check before it is sent to me. I will receive 45% of my gross sales in a check sent 3 weeks after the sale. If I am a JBF Team Member at least 4 hours at the sale, I will get 55% of my sales. *
I understand there is a maximum of 500 items per sale as a VIP. If I drop off more than 500 items, I will need to pick them up from my VIP tagger. *
Items will be dropped off to the assigned tagger, at a prearranged time in sturdy cardboard boxes or bins with my name and phone number on them. Boxes/bins will not be returned to me. *
I will only include items for the Spring sale. Halloween costumes, coats, boots or Holiday wear will not be accepted and will be donated if included. *
Items must be separated by size and gender. Place items like pajamas, shirts and pants folded together in the box/bag. Any items not separated will be returned to you to sort. Please sort sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24, 2T, 3T, 4T, etc. *
I am only including sizes infant to juniors small and maternity. Any adult items or juniors medium/large/xlarge will not be included in the VIP program. Junior items must be current and name brand. *
I understand that I am eligible for a Consignor Presale pass for myself and a guest. These passes will be waiting for me at the desk to the Consignor presale and I will check the sale calendar for details. *
I agree to have all of my items included in the half price sale, and then donated at the end of the sale with an exception of a maximum of 10 items that I specify when I drop my items. (All items will be donated if not included in the half price sale) I may request specific prices for up to a maximum of ten items (large and expensive items). *
I understand that I may not pick up unsold items after the sale. *
I understand that any items that are stained, have holes or not working (missing pieces, missing batteries), etc will be automatically donated. If more than 10 of my items are found with the above, I will be charged $.25 per item. The deduction will be taken out of my check and my VIP tagger will be paid. *
I understand that I will be placed on a waiting list if a tagger isn't available. We will make every effort to get your items and tagged before the sale in April. The VIP drop off deadline is March 31. After this date, we cannot accept any items. *
I understand that I am only able to drop 2 "loads" with my VIP tagger. I must prearrange a 2nd drop with my tagger. If they are working on another VIP, I will go on a waitlist unit they are able to complete mine. Large items (strollers, baby equipment, cribs, etc) are not included in the 2 load maximum. *
I will be sent my consignor number, email used and password after my items are tagged. I will not make any changes to tags (prices, not donate, not reduce). Once items are tagged, prices cannot be changed. *
Who referred you? If you refer a friend your consignor fee will be half off, refer two friends and it will be free, refer three friends and you will be receive 50% of your sales for the April sale! VIPs must have 50 items or $100 worth of items.
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I understand that my tagger makes 25% of my items and they take time out of their day so I can make money. I will make it easy for them to tag my items by having them sorted and organized.
Any questions, please send them to your tagger or dawnescarcega@jbfsale.com or Denver@jbfsale.com
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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