Spring Recruiting Bonus - Letter of Intent
This spring, we are fortunate that our CPS Academic Competitions Manager Sylvia Nelson Jordan has been able to work with us to find some one-time funding from the Healthy Communities Grant. We are applying this toward additional coach stipends, pending that coaches sign this Letter of Intent by Thursday, March 21st and complete the following by May 15th, 2019:

- Each school's coaches taking part must work with Chicago Debates to develop a recruiting plan with at least 2 action steps for increasing interest in debate and identifying new debaters who are not graduating this spring from your school

- Each school's coaches will send a roster of potential debate recruits identified in the spring of 2019

- Each school's coaches will communicate with other teachers and school administrators about identifying promising new debate recruits and raising visibility for the team

The stipend bonus depends on participation - $1500 for meeting participation standard 3 or more times, $750 for attending 3 or more tournaments and meeting participation standard at least once, and $300 for teams that have attended 2 or more tournaments this school year through March 15th, 2019 (does not include T6 for high school). Stipend bonuses will be added to CPS staff members' paychecks in the second half of March or the first half of April.

The goal of this program is to motivate schools to build their debate teams and to set a foundation for students who can attend introductory meetings in the spring and become active debaters in the fall of 2019, with an additional goal of attending the 2019 CDSI summer camp at Dunbar from 7/22 - 8/2.

This is a one-time bonus and coaches should not expect that stipends will be increased by the amount received this spring in 2019-2020 or in any future season.

If coaches agree to the Letter of Intent but are not able to complete the recruiting plan as agreed upon, Academic Competitions reserves the right to deduct the bonus from next year's coach stipend.

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I sign and agree on behalf of our school and debate team to this Letter of Intent and to creating a spring recruiting plan by May 15, 2019, working with Chicago Debates staff. Please sign by typing your name in below. *
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