INTERPLAN Stakeholders Questionnaire
The aim of this questionnaire is to identify the right stakeholders for the INTERPLAN project. The stakeholders group will be consisting of the experts who are active in the scientific fields relevant to the scope of the project and they will be consulted about the project outcomes and developments through surveys, interviews and targeted workshops. The stakeholders will benefit from advance disclosure of information and results from within the project, networking opportunities with the consortium members and the other stakeholders, and the opportunity to participate at project events.

The personal information collected through this questionnaire will be treated as strictly confidential and handled in accordance with the EU directive 95/46/EC on data protection.

TITLE OF PROJECT: INTERPLAN - INTEgrated opeRation PLAnning tool towards the Pan-European Network (Research Project)

SUPPORTED BY: European Union HORIZON 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement No. 773708

THE OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: INTERPLAN is a project that aims to provide an INTEgrated opeRation PLANning tool towards the pan-European network, to support the EU in reaching the expected low-carbon targets, while maintaining network security. INTERPLAN will develop a methodology for the proper representation of a “clustered” model of the pan-European network and generate grid equivalents. By addressing operation planning issues at all network levels (transmission, distribution and TSOs-DSOs interfaces), this set of grid equivalents will cover all relevant system connectivity possibilities in the real grid.

The INTERPLAN methodology will lead to the development of an integrated tool considering all voltage levels (high to low) and a bridge between grid operation and static and long term planning. To ensure the security of supply, INTERPLAN will develop proper cluster and interface controllers.

PROJECT DURATION: 1.11.2017 - 31.10.2020


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