2019 Bike Camp Participant
Each year Society for disABILITIES hosts an adapted bike camp for children. The purpose of the camp is to provide an "immersion" experience in bicycling for children with diverse abilities, using specially designed equipment and teaching methods. The equipment and methods allow children who have had difficulty learning to ride a two-wheeler to learn to do just that, usually within the one-week camp session. The equipment consists of a progression of increasingly challenging bikes that provide extra stability, along with the same dynamic qualities of a standard two-wheeler. The children thus have additional time to master the skills needed to balance and steer a two-wheeled bike. They are less fearful, more confident, and more willing to practice – self-esteem soars! Staff consists of Adapted PE teachers from nearby school districts, university students, junior college students, and high school assistants, who work one-on-one with each child. All of the bike camp volunteers have been carefully screened including background checks. Bike Camp begins on Monday, July 15th and ends on Friday, July 19th. There are three (3) camp sessions that are one hour and fifteen minutes long and during this time, children are encouraged to spend as much time as possible riding their bicycle. Sessions begin at 8:00AM and end at 12:15PM. On the last day of bike camp, friends and family members are invited to celebrate at the awards ceremony.

A few basic prerequisites are necessary for success: the child must be 8 years old or over; ambulatory; must have good cardiovascular fitness and the ability to pedal a bicycle for 45 minutes a day for 5 consecutive days; able to keep their feet on the pedals and maintain pedaling; able to keep their hands on the handlebars and turn; able to see sufficiently to avoid obstacles and maintain a path of travel; willing to follow instructions; and motivated to learn to ride. Our experience has shown that behavioral considerations are extremely important. A child may be physically able to ride, but if she/he cannot be persuaded to get on the bike and follow our instructions, they may not succeed.

Downey High School Small Gym
1000 Coffee Rd
Modesto, CA 95355

Monday, July 15 through Friday, July 19, 2019

The fee is $75 per camper for the week. A refresher course is available to return campers for $25. Limited full and partial scholarships may be available by calling (209) 524-3536.

What to bring:
A properly fitted bicycle helmet – this is mandatory, tennis shoes for bicycling, comfortable clothing suitable for being physically active.

Please return all completed forms and payment to Society for disABILITIES as soon as possible. Bike Camp is limited to 24 participants on a first come, first serve basis.

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