Sales vs marketing
DATE: 27th of March 2019
TIME: 12:00-17:00 (presentations 13-17)
PLACE: SPARK Demo centre Narva mnt 3, Tartu, Estonia
SPEAKERS: Fred Koppel (Convertal), Tambet Tallo (Southwestern Consulting), Aleksander Tõnnisson (Createit), Heikki Mägi (Fitlap)
TOPICS: Motivation in sales and finding time for sales calls; Effective time planning, sales triangle and habits of a (successful) sales person; Why do you really need customer profiles and how can you utilize them in sales; How to choose sales and/or marketing strategy when entering a new market, based on your product/ and brand recognition; How to test marketing channels when your product is not yet completely market-ready; What are the pricing models for different products and services;
COST: free of charge
LANGUAGE: english

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