The Handmade Showroom - Artists General Application
Thank you for your interest in participating in The Handmade Showroom at Pacific Place!

We are at max capacity in most of our categories, however we are always open to seeing new work!

Important Note:
We receive a good number of applications every month and review each application thoroughly as time allows.
If there is availability in your category, an invitation will be sent to you as soon as we are able.
If we do not have room but are interested in possibly adding your work in the future, we will keep your information on file for future consideration.

WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR (updated October 2019)
- Finely made work that is not yet represented in the Seattle area (particularly in the 98101 zip code)
- Clocks, wall and counter top - fully handmade preferred (we are NOT looking for photos or other artwork mounted in a pre-fabricated / commercial clock frame)
- Photo frames - fully handmade (no embellished stock frames)
- High-quality handmade kitchenware - cutting boards, cheese platters, carved utensils, etc.
- Jewelry Boxes - fully handmade only (no embellished pre-fab boxes)
- Hand-fabricated finely made art jewelry (fully handmade only - design must be entirely your own)
- Fine ceramics and pottery (fully handmade only - cohesive collections preferred)
- ALL Men's giftware including watches, ties, bowties, dopp kits, etc.
- Extremely sturdy dog toys of original design

**We currently DO NOT have space for the following**
-- 2D Art & Art Prints (we have very limited wall space!)
-- Market / Tote bags (must be fully handmade - no images printed on pre-fab canvas totes)
-- Bath & Body (including soaps, lotions, grooming products)
-- Candles (all types)
-- Children's toys, toddler clothing, infant accessories, etc.
-- Craft Making Kits (of all types)
-- Embroidery / Cross Stitch artwork (particularly hoop-mounted)
-- Fabric Kitchen goods (e.g. aprons, potholders, tea towels, etc)
-- Greeting Cards (all styles)
-- Knit, crochet, felted accessories (e.g. scarves, mittens, hats, etc)
-- Pet collars & leashes (all styles)
-- Pillows and Quilts
-- Small-batch *finely packaged* and gift-able food products with a shelf life of at least 3 months

(Please NOTE: Even if your category full, you are still welcome to introduce your work to us by filling out the application for future consideration)

A few things to know BEFORE APPLYING:
-- The Handmade Showroom is a contemporary gallery-style boutique currently open daily during Pacific Place hours.
-- There is NO fee for participation and artists are NOT required to work in the store. (Though volunteering to help on occasion is completely optional and encouraged)
-- We tend to lean toward more modern/contemporary design, but are always open to seeing work of any style
-- While we have a primary focus on handmade-by-the-artist / designer, we are also open to applications from small-batch manufactured goods with the requirement that the designs are original and copyrighted by the applicant
-- Applications are evaluated based on design originality, quality, professionalism, retail price point, category availability, and overall fit in our collection
-- Participation is by invitation only
-- Applications not accepted will be kept on file for future consideration when category space permits
-- All new work is sold on a consignment agreement contract between The Handmade Showroom LLC and the Artist with payments distributed by the 5th of each month
-- Consignment split is 50/50 split based on the retail price before sales tax

NOTE: 80% of our artists work with us on consignment. However, if you are ONLY open to working with us on a wholesale purchase basis, please fill out the application with a note with that information and forward your wholesale line sheets, price sheet, and terms to

Pacific Place open to the public hours (Regular Hours):
Friday & Saturday: 10am to 8pm
Sunday: 11am to 7pm
Additional hours and event information is available on our website:

Questions about the application process or the Showroom in general?
Contact us with your general questions at or
contact our Managing Director, Marlo Miyashiro at
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