EPC Fiscal Sponsorship
This form is to collect details of your fiscal sponsorship needs so that we can access how we can best serve you. Our sponsorship is specifically for projects and initiatives that align with the mission of Earth Pearl Collective. This can include fundraisers, capital campaigns, productions, festivals, and start-up businesses. Earth Pearl Collective will retain a 3% fee of all money earned under fiscal sponsorship, and will distribute funding by check or electronically.
What is the name of the project and or organization you are seeking sponsorship for?
What is the mission or purpose of above organization or project?
How do you see your purpose or mission aligning with that of Earth Pearl Collective?
For how long are you seeking fiscal sponsorship?
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Why is it important for you to seek fiscal sponsorship at this time?
Is there a dedicated staff or team member who will be managing your fundraising and fiscal sponsorship efforts?
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Please provide name, email, and phone number of person in charge or fundraising and fiscal sponsorship efforts.
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