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Newfound Area School District

This form is intended to serve as introduction to the District’s Technology resources for staff. Please review the staff acceptable use policy (GBCD) found on the staff policy page: G.

Please fill in the information below and submit it to the SAU office to obtain computer access at your building. Depending on your position you may be provided with additional access to other District resources.

In most cases, your login username will be your first initial combined with your last name. So if your name is John Doe, your login information will be:
Username: jdoe
Password: (what you provide on the form below)
E-mail Address:

In cases where another user already exists in our system with that username, a number will be appended to the end of your last name and you will be notified of this. Please fill in the information below and return to the SAU office.

Personal email address required to receive receipt.
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