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Here are the steps to be followed, in order to complete the registration:
1. To fill up and send this Registration Form.

2. Wait for a "personal" Email. (If we didn't respond you within two or three days, is because something went wrong. In that case, please contact us through Email or telephone, thank you)

3. You will need to do a transference in order to reserve your spot. We will send you the appropriated Bank Account on that Email and the amount to be paid. The discount will be in relation ship to the transfer date.

4. The payment of the Encounter will be completed no later than the first day of the event. There is the possibility of paying cash then or to make a transfer in advanced to the given account.

5. If you have any additional question please contact us:
Thanks for joining us in this new exploration. We will be delighted to welcome and dance with you. Warm hug, Trinidad Martínez
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