Alexander Technique Intro Course with Chloe Chung: Expressions of Interest
Hi there! This is an expression of interest form for musicians, music teachers, and arts workers interested in a four-week Zoom introduction course to the Alexander Technique. The course will cover learning about Alexander Technique, and how it can support you and/or your students’ self care and artistic goals. The City of Sydney has provided some support for this course between November 2020 and January 2021, enabling a limited number of Sydney-residing applicants to receive subsidised classes. For more information about this class, visit
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The full fee for this course is $240 ($60 x4, 1hr15min classes). This year, the City of Sydney has granted me some financial support to provide these classes. However, the total amount of support we're able to provide remains limited, and we're therefore asking you to help us understand what level of support you feel you need. Please choose one of the options below to indicate as realistically as possible the level of support you feel you would qualify for.
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