Gazebos On Ice 3 Event
Gazebos On Ice 3 Event Info & Rules:


Theme: Christmas/Winter
Christmas, Snow, Winter, Presents, Wishes, Santa, Reindeer, Etc
Date: December 10th ~ 31st (3 weeks)

There will be limited shops/stalls available, it is better to apply as early as possible to save your spot.

We will have 3 sizes available:

(15) Sponsor Shops-50 prims + 3 Gachas = 1000L
(20) Merchant Stalls- 30 prims + 2 Gachas = 750L
(15) Designer Carts- 15 prims + 1 Gacha = 500L

Add on Gachas 100L

Gachas will also be available at Event for 150L

Complete application via online or nc inworld. drop it in the mailbox. If you apply online you will still need to drop a NC with your Contact name, Store Logo, and Store LM.

To pay you will pick and "buy" the correct board beside the Mailbox. It will then be yours. Leave it there and drag your store logo onto it.

Exclusive NC due: December 7th
Set up starts: December 3rd
Last day to set up:December 9th @ 12 SLT
Pick up day: January 1st


*This is a moderate Sim so keep that in mind when you are making your items.
*Stick to your prim allowance
*Rez only in or around your shop/stall and not out in walkway or other shops/stalls
*Outside Gachas are not allowed, if you need more you can add on or buy during the event.
*You follow the time line so this event will go smoothly.
*You are required to make at least one exclusive! It must be 50% off regular store prices and it can not be used anywhere else until after the event. Other items you may price as you want to, but keep in mind customers love event sale prices.
*Stick to the theme please.
*You are required to make one 10L Promo item. The package will be provided, you must use it.
*You must provide me with your exclusive image by the due date or it will not be blogged
*You must send an item to the Bloggers in the provided boxes.
(Exclusive or 10L promo, Both, it's really up to you. Pick whichever you want to send.)
If you have any questions please message KamieK Residnet

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