Second Trimester Learning Options
Dear RSU 71 Families,
In August families had the opportunity to choose the best learning option for their student/s. We asked families to stay with that choice during the first trimester and agreed to check in again and allow families to again make the best choice for their student and family for the second trimester. We do know that your comfort level is essential as we move forward.

We continue to follow the Governors and DOE guidelines for social distancing in all of our schools. That being said, should there be a large number of families that choose in-person learning, we may need to move to our Hybrid Learning and Instruction Model (Yellow) in order to meet the guidelines for safe social distancing between students and adults. That means that students would be attending school in-person two days a week with their assigned cohort, and the other three days the student would complete assignments independently at home.

You must respond to this survey if you want to move your student/s to a different mode of learning.

Here is the proposed timeline:
October 30: Survey shared with families
November 6: Survey closed
November 13 - Family notification of learning plan
Possible outcomes: (Green - 5 days of in-person learning/remote for others that choose OR Yellow Hybrid - 2 days in person and 3 days of independent work at home/remote for others that choose.
November 30 - Start date for the new trimester.
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