Help us design a device for effective plant phenotyping!
Our team at Palacky University Olomouc, Czechia decided to make full use of our experience in plant phenotyping projects and insights from broader plant phenotyping community to develop new stand-alone high throughput indoor phenotyping device for seedlings and small plants.

We approach you as respected member of the plant phenotyping community and ask for your opinions in designing new device. Your experience and suggestions are of immense value for us in our effort to equip the plant phenotyping community with handful solutions.

Currently big instalments, infrastructure, buildings with controlled environments and big investments are needed for building and running large phenotyping systems. Unlike these devices, our target phenotyping area is high throughput tests on large sets of small plants and seedlings in standardized formats e.g. microtiter plates. These setups are currently used preferentially for compound library screenings of bioactive substances and studies of effects of diverse environmental conditions on plant growth and development.
Inspiration for new device comes from published results of phenotyping in small footprint setups:
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