Nonprofit Buzz Events
Please review the following guidelines before submitting your events to the Buzz:

–Submissions will only be published from nonprofit agencies, public agencies, or groups
serving nonprofits (ie: workshops offered by local consultants) located and serving in
Gallatin or surrounding counties.

–Submissions for third-party fundraisers such as but not limited to pint nights, burrito
nights, or benefit fitness classes will no longer be published. The Buzz is designed to
help nonprofits decrease scheduling conflicts for major events, not be a
comprehensive calendar of every event being hosted by local nonprofits.

– Please do not submit events that happen on a weekly or every-other-week basis. See the rationale above.

– Submissions for fundraising activities not tied to an in-person event will not be published.

–Submissions for business or social events not supporting nonprofits will not be

–Events already submitted to the Buzz will not be added again. Please review the
previous week's Buzz to ensure that the event has not already been submitted.

–Events for specific nonprofits during Give Big will not be published.

–Only two event submissions per organization per week will be included in the "What's
New" section of the Buzz. All events submitted will be included in "Nonprofit
Coordinating Calendar" section.

– We reserve the right to edit and not publish submissions.

Maggie Crum
Programs Manager, Bozeman Area Community Foundation

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