Butterfield Stage Corridor Community Survey
The City of Porterville, in collaboration with Tulare County Association of Governments and County of Tulare, is seeking grant funds for the development of a multi-modal corridor utilizing former railroad right of way between Tea Pot Dome Avenue to the south and Avenue 196 in Strathmore to the north. The corridor, located to the west of Main Street, will serve to increase and improve connectivity and mobility of non-motorized users to schools, employment centers, services, and healthcare facilities.

This information in mind, please answer the following questions:
1. How often do you walk, bicycle or use some other non-motorized form of transportation between home and work, school, or to run an errand? *
2. How often do you walk or bicycle for social, recreation, or exercise? *
3. Where do you or would you be most likely to walk or bike? *
4. While traveling a path (or transportation corridor in this instance) would you prefer a straight path or one that meanders? *
5. What amenities would you like to see along the proposed multi-modal corridor? *
6. What factors discourage bicycling and walking in Porterville? *
7. What is your primary means of transportation? *
Comments regarding the proposed multi-modal corridor project or biking/walking facilities in the community:
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