BLKFOX AIRSOFTFIELD Member application form and Terms of service agreement.
Members are asked to look thru our shop’s terms & condition upon agreement to become a member.

【Shop validity】
Membership use is only valid at our shop (BLKFOX AIRSOFT FIELD)
shop access is available on our homepage.

【I.D. check required】
Photo I.D. are required upon entrance registry, issuance of membership card.

【Participants age limit】
18 years old and above(senior highschool excluded), minors under 20years of age are required to print and fill up an custodians concent form from our website and bring their copy of it upon entrance registry into our field.

【Regulation restriction】
Field regulations are strictly implemented.
changes maybe announce thru our website due to problems or safety issue.

【Membership card lost,theft 】
Kindly inform us for lost or theft of membership card so we could provide you a new card on your next visit to our field.

【Membership void】
Members provoking the following will be ask for their membership to be void,once void membership renewal will be decided by our company if the individual is clear or not.
・Dissapproval to the field’s terms and condition.
・Violation of the field’s terms & condition and observed as dangerous personnel.
・2 years without use of the field.
・Natural calamity,accident outcome.

【Modification of use,membeship terms & condition】
Without aknowledgement modification of usage,membership terms & condition might be implemented,incase of changes official announcement will be announce thru our website.
Signing the new agreement papers are required incase of modifications.

【Field usage terms & conditions】
・Reaknowledge that airsoft is a danger prone sports, getting shot in the eye and causing loss of vision,breaking bones due to slipping or falling down are some examples.
・In some cases accidents, causing other players to loose vision may become a liability.
2.Always play by the rules to prevent accidents.
・Follow the rules in order to prevent accidents
・Specially the following rules below
→Safety precautions within the game area and prep area
→Go thru proper safety lectures about gun safety
→Extreme actions,moving barricades, climbing over walls are prohibited.
3.Dismclaimers for not following the rules
・Within field rules injuries inflicted to oneself or other individuals,breakage of field property,will be the players responsibility.

【Personal information maintenance】
Membership information will be maintained with discretion.
THIRD Co,.Ltd.

【Membership withdrawal】
Withdrawal of membership is outcome to fill up a withdrawal form and return of the membership card to our shop.

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