Spring Fever Festival Feedback
Thank you to those of you that attended the Spring Fever Festival this week. It's been a thrilling and exciting week and we are so grateful to you all for helping create such a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Please can you give your feedback on the week so that we can identify areas for improvement and realise and share our successes.
Feel free to answer as many of the prompts below as you like. Don't feel you need to repeat yourself for each question.
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Attendance and Schedule Comments
Are you a regular Sofa attendee? Did you attend more this week than usual? What made this week's schedule easier or harder to attend? Any other comments about your Spring Fever attendance or your usual Sofa attendance?
Comments on "Early Childhood Music"
Comments on "Model Music Curriculum"
Comments on "Vivaldi Musicianship"
Comments on "Intro to Solfa Scales"
Comments on "Teaching Piano with Kodály"
Comments on "Solfa Singalong"
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