Membership Agreement
As a member in good standing with the Calgary Basketball Officials Association, I recognize that membership means:

- I am eligible for any and all services and benefits afforded by the association
- I have responsibilities and expectations associated with being an official
- I am not guaranteed to be assigned a specific number of games, nor specific level of games
- I recognize that game assignments are under the authority of the CBOA Executive and Commissioner(s)

My signature on this agreement confirms my acceptance of Section 4.2 of the CBOA Constitution, which states that maintaining membership in the organization requires that:

- I abide by the Constitution and policies of the Association
- I be active in the affairs of the Association
- I maintain membership in the ABOA
- I pay the annual membership fee
- I attempt to improve my ability as an official
- I be approved by the membership commitee
- I sign an annual membership agreement

My signature on this agreement confirms my acceptance of Section 4.3 of the CBOA Constitution, which states that, as member of the organization, I shall:

- not make any remarks that would cause the reputation of the CBOA or ABOA any damage;
- put forth my best effort in each game, regardless of the level;
- always show respect for the rights and privileges of players, coaches, and fans;
- study and continue to improve my knowledge of the rules for each league that I officiate;
- be unquestionably impartial and represent myself and the rules of the game as fairly and accurately as possible;
- represent myself as professionally as possible in physical appearance and conditioning;
- understand that the use of alcohol and illegal drugs is totally unacceptable on game days before the games;
- be respectful and supportive of my peers on and off the court whether as an official, spectator, player or coach;
- accept the fact that they I will make mistakes, and that I will do all that they can to prevent this learning process from becoming frustrating, or affecting my performance and professionalism;
- do all that I can contribute to the growth of the CBOA through support, encouragement and a positive attitude;
- respect constructive feedback received from the Executive, Evaluation Committee and Commissioner(s);
- work with the Evaluation Committee and the Commissioner(s) to maintain a mutually accepted rating level;
- not solicit or accept games from any coach, league, or league representative without CBOA clearance;
- not accept games from outside CBOA/ABOA approved sources that will interfere with my CBOA assignments.

I agree that my responsibilities as an official are not restricted to officiating games, and that I also have an obligation to the game of basketball, my peers, and to myself, to make every effort to behave in a professional manner.

I understand that any breach of this membership agreement may be cause for disciplinary action by the CBOA. It is also understood that any action will respect due process as outlined in the CBOA Constitution, and will be performed with the same level and respect and dignity that is implied within this agreement. While there is full recognition that officials are human, I accept that because we are paid for our skills, we as officials must do all that we can to ensure undue influences do not diminish the level of professionalism associated with membership in the CBOA.

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