Cache GS Activity Scholarship Request Form
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Guidelines for granting an activity scholarship:

The request must be made on a current application form and must be completed in its entirety.

The dollar amount of the scholarship granted is based on availability of funds and apparent need.

Scholarship will be granted only to currently registered girl members, not troops.

Families are expected to pay a portion of the expense for the program or camp.

Participants in Girl Scouts of the USA international-, national- and council-sponsored opportunities may receive up to one-fourth of the actual program fees in activity scholarship. Program applications must be received by published program registration deadlines. This applies to individual girls only – not troops.

All activity credits must be used for program fees before the activity scholarship will be granted.

The scholarship may be based on the number of requests from the same family and on the total income composition.

The scholarship is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

Programs that will be considered for scholarships are: Cache Girl Scout Service Unit activities, programs and camps.
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