501c3 - The Ban on Political Activity
We are about to become a 501c3. What does that mean to volunteers?
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How does it affect your work at Real Progressives?
501c3 non-profit status prohibits outright advocacy/favoritism or criticism of a current political candidate or political party during an election campaign season.

The Real Progressives website and social media platforms must conform to the new organization IRS business filing regulations, shucks! Any content contributed by volunteers that does not comply will be published on a separate platform which we are in the process of creating at this moment.
501c3 - The Ban on Political Activity Video
Please click on the link below to watch this short 5 minute video to understand what content we are able to feature in the website and social media platforms as it applies to our 501c3.

1. After completing this video please come back to this module to complete the remaining tasks.
2. The video will stop playing when you start browsing on another window. It is best to complete this 5 minute video fully in one sitting.
3. Alternatively, IRS has provided a PDF version you can simply read.

501c3 - The Ban on Political Activity
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