Jazz Piano Auditions
The form below is for students auditioning for Private, Jazz Piano lessons (MUSIC 172D/MUSIC 272D).

Proficiency Level:
- Ability to read music - chords, melodic lines
- Know and play all major and minor scales
- Know and play all types of seventh chords
- Calculate intervals and chord extensions quickly, including alterations
- Knowledge of basic jazz and blues forms
- Working knowledge of one hand and two hand rooted and rootless chord voicings
- Ability to read and play jazz or Latin music syncopations
- Be able to play a jazz standard from a lead sheet in solo piano or trio style, including playing the melody,
improvisation, and chord 'comping'

Audition consists of the following components:
- Play a short piece of your choice (preferably jazz)
- Simple reading exercise
- Play some basic major and minor scales
- Play the melody and chords for a jazz standard
- Two-hand harmonic accompaniment using jazz chord voicings
- Improvise on a jazz standard and on a basic 12-bar blues

All auditions scheduled here are held in Braun 211.

Questions about lesson content should be directed to Murray Low at murlow@stanford.edu. Questions about scheduling should be directed to Rowen Leigh at rleigh@stanford.edu.

Lesson Fees: All music lessons at Stanford carry a fee in addition to quarterly tuition, including zero-unit class numbers. Private lessons are $325 for Music Majors and $650 for non majors. For information about financial support, email Rowen Leigh, rleigh@stanford.edu or visit the Department of Music office in Braun Music Center.

Zero-Unit Enrollment: All Stanford students taking Department of Music lessons are required to register in Axess. If you are unable to enroll for units in MUSIC 172D/272D due to the unit limits of your major or advanced degree program, you should enroll in the zero-unit version of lesson studios, MUSIC 179Z. Request permission from your instructor to enroll once you are placed into a studio. Zero-unit enrollment in lessons is intended primarily for graduate students.

Zero-unit courses appear on a student’s transcript.

For additional information, consult the Zero-Unit Enrollment page: https://music.stanford.edu/ensembles-lessons/applied-music-policies/zerounit

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Audition Signup
After submitting this form, an audition link will show on the confirmation screen. Follow the link to sign up for an audition time. If it doesn’t work, re-open the link for this form, and click on the link below.

AUDITION SIGNUP LINK: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ztz1f5UySCp4CkEm_Pvy2oMPjA0fCiDld92l25yqkoM/edit?usp=sharing

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