The Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st Century Music Therapists
Please share your thoughts, suggestions, and visions for the future of music therapy! We value your feedback and the wisdom of your experience. Please keep the following information in mind as you share your comments:

The history of the Commission is available on our webpage at

The Commission previously identified the following two questions for your consideration and analyzed the results of your feedback:
• How do YOU envision music therapy evolving in the 21st century?
• What do you want this Commission to know?

The themes that emerged from your feedback on these two questions are included as part of our 2020 Regional Conference Presentation, available on our webpage at

The Commission also analyzed the results of your feedback on our five charges. As a reminder, the Charge from the AMTA Board of Directors to the Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st Century Music Therapists is to:

• identify inconsistencies within degree programs to support clinical practice in a changing world;
• identify inconsistencies among and between National Roster and University Affiliated Internship programs;
• recommend changes to enhance current education and clinical training practices;
• support the ongoing efforts to increase state recognition of the MT-BC credential;
• and support efforts to encourage diversity and inclusion in the profession.

We shared the emerging themes from your feedback at the online AMTA national conference in November 2020. The video of that presentation is available on our webpage (
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In creating more consistent educational outcomes, what is most important to you that we keep or add?
In creating a more consistent clinical training model, what is most important to you that we keep or add?
What have you done to help make our profession more financially sustainable for students, interns, and new professionals? What do you think we can or should do at the association level?
What suggestions do you have for us as we seek to increase diversity in our profession?
What suggestions do you have for ways we can better communicate with you during this process?
Any other ideas you would like to share with the Commission?
Can we follow-up with you if we have questions or seek additional clarification on your comments? If so, please make sure you have provided us with your name and email at the beginning of this survey.
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Thank you for contributing to this important work. We encourage you to continue sharing your feedback and to ask questions throughout this process. Email any member of the Commission (all email addresses are listed on our webpage at or reach out to us on social media. You can also return to this form as often as you like with additional contributions. We will be updating this form and our webpage as our work continues, usually around the regional and national conference time, so please stay connected with us, and know that we appreciate the opportunity to work with you to move our profession forward!
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