Diocese of Sioux Falls Catholic Schools Stakeholder Survey 2019
Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete the following questions. Please answer them honestly. Your insights are very important to us and your answers are anonymous.
What Catholic school are you near? *
Please check your affiliation with the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Sioux Falls (check all that apply). *
How likely are you to send your child(ren) to a Catholic school or recommend a Catholic school to a friend, family member, colleague or fellow parishioner? *
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
If you provided a score of 9-10, what is the number one reason you send your child(ren) to Catholic school or promote Catholic schools so strongly?
If you provided a score of 1-8, what are two areas Catholic schools can improve to increase the likelihood you would send your child(ren) to Catholic school or promote them (choose two)?
Catholic schools seek to do an excellent job of teaching the Catholic faith and establishing a Catholic identity and culture. *
Catholic school administrators, faculty, and staff are professional, competent, and serve as role models of faith and service to students. *
Catholic schools provide high quality education, marked by excellent instruction and a rigorous curriculum. *
Catholic schools consistently share a financial report with the school community. *
Do you have any suggestions or comments about your hopes for the future of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sioux Falls?
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