Grimsmo Rask pre-order Options List
October 08, 2016
Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally time to put your options in for the new Grimsmo Rask knife which you ordered! We have thought long and hard about these. As of today I think we are less than a month away from shipping the first few knives, which puts us right in line with our original timeline. Check my instagram for new updates and I'll get some youtube videos up soon.

Please pay for your pre-order and all options before filling out this form. Although if you just have questions this form will also work (it might take a while for me to answer questions to this form, please be patient).

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Backspacers and lockbar stabilizer anodizing colors *
Titanium screw anodizing colors *
Handle and clip machining patterns *
You can see these three examples above. Patterns will be on both sides of the knife and will have a matching clip pattern. The ones in the picture are right off the machine and have not been finished or stonewashed yet.
Blade finishes *
Questions or comments, ask anything!
There are a million possible options that we could offer so we didn't offer everything, we had to limit it to keep our sanity and let us actually organize this process. If there's something not on this list that you "need" I'm willing to hear you out, no promises though. No inlays, no zirconium, no other steels, and no lefties at this time. Maybe in the future.
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