Minigame Map Submission
Thanks for putting the effort into creating a map for the community to play on the server! We really appreciate that. Before submitting, please be sure that your map accomplishes all of the listed points below:

→ My map has the required features for the minigame added (GoldRush ≙ Spawner & Droppers; Parkour ≙ Checkpoints & Finish, ..)
→ My map is not plain and has details and extra builds
→ My map does not contain any exploits for me or others to use
→ My map does not contain rude signs or inappropriate builds that may insult others

We currently accept maps for the following minigames:
- Parkour

Your username
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Way to contact you
Please provide a way to contact you, may it be an email address or your Skype name
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Name of the map
It should be short and straight to the point, be creative
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Link to the map download
Please upload your world to Google Drive, Dropbox or similar as a .zip or .tar.gz file
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Additional information
Anything else you want to tell us?
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