9th Annual Community Engagement Faculty Institute: June 2-4, 2020
The Center for Social Concerns offers the Community Engagement Faculty Institute (CEFI) for all who want to explore or deepen their knowledge, skills, and passion for community-engaged teaching and research. This dynamic Community Engagement Faculty Institute is imbued with engaged learning, mixing lectures by faculty and community experts on the theory and practice of community engagement with immersion into the local community to learn with community partners. We address a range of social concerns, such as healthcare, immigration, incarceration, and education.

The 2020 Faculty Institute will consider the Center for Social Concerns annual Catholic social tradition theme "Act Justly," confronting racial injustice. "The cumulative effects of personal sins of racism have led to social structures of injustice and violence that makes us all accomplices in racism." - Open Wide Our Hearts, USCCB.

* See the 2019 agenda to get a sense of presentations, activities, and learning objectives (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dINRO67Kyk9GP5lRvsG3DEymu_2BlMsc6rdrOq6V4Vw/view).
* Hear past participants testify to the power and inspiration of this unique learning experience (http://bit.ly/CEFItestimony).

* Participants who would like to be on the program may propose a talk in the application.
* Breakfast and lunch are provided each day, and dinner is provided two days at no extra charge.
* Notre Dame employees who participate are eligible for Community Impact Grants to support community-engaged research, teaching, and learning at the University of Notre Dame (https://ntrda.me/2OxsKxx). Eligibility does not extend to participants from other universities or organizations.

* No fee for Notre Dame faculty, Notre Dame staff, Notre Dame graduate students, or local St. Joseph County community partners.
* Participants outside Notre Dame are charged $250. When two or more participants from the same university or organization attend, each participant receives a $50 discount.

* Applications are due Friday, February 7, 2020 by 5:00 p.m.

* If you have questions or want more information, contact Dr. Connie Snyder Mick at cmick@nd.edu.
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In addition, if you like, please propose any related topics you would consider presenting at CEFI. This is NOT required or expected, we just know that many of you will come with relevant expertise and we welcome you to share that. Please also let us know if you must present in order to receive funding to attend. We will let you know if we can accept your proposal.
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