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Thank you for your interest in the Autism Positivity Flash Blog 2014: "Expressions of PosAutivity!"

Please submit your writings to this form, and answer all questions to insure that we are able to share your post in the best way possible for you.

Just like last year, we will NOT be taking submissions via email, so if you would like to be included, please leave your submission in this form. If you have any questions, or are having difficulty and/or accessibility issues with this form, please email and we will do our best to get back to you and fix the problem.

SUBMIT A PICTURE: If your contribution to the flash blog is an image, please upload it to a website and leave us a link in the "links" section, and let us know in the text box that you submitted an image. If you cannot upload it to a publicly accessible site, please feel free to email it to us ( Please let us know in the form below that you have emailed us a photo, or we won't know to go looking for it.

A NOTE ABOUT FORMATTING/LINKS: Google eats links when you submit your text here. If you want to submit text with links, please use the html version of your post, and copy/paste that. If you are submitting something to the flash blog that is also going up on your own site, don't worry about copy/pasting it into the text box below - just leave us a link and we'll grab the text (and links) ourselves. Thank you!

The prompt: Share an Expression of PosAutivity and celebrate the multiple and varied ways to express experience or convey ideas. This year we hope to highlight the importance of flexibility in communication within our diverse community and honour multiple forms of personal expression, from the written word, to art, to photography, or even video (as a link).

We invite you to explore, share, and celebrate your moments, stories, or images of courage, strength, overcoming stigma, and/or positive identity and pride in a way that speaks to you. Express something PosAutive about autism, about being Autistic, or about the Autistic person/people in your life, etc.
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