This signup offers you the opportunity to indicate strong interest in Academic Competitions in which Mantua students participate. It is important that you evaluate your child's interests, abilities, and schedule to determine whether your child would be interested in participating in a competition. Each competition requires meeting time, research, and funds for participation.

1) SIGN UP: Please sign up to indicate interest in participating in any of the academic competitions by the end of September (except for Science Olympiad Div A, which is Sept 14th).

2) PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Please be aware that teams and competitions are neither run nor funded by the school or the PTA, rather teams (and some competitions) are run and funded by parents and coaches (i.e., parent volunteers) at the school. As such, it is the parents and coaches who coordinate and run the individual teams or competitions, not the school, PTA, or the academic competition coordinator.
Please note: All Coordinators and Coaches must fill out a Coach Contact Form ( in order to perform under the auspices of the Mantua PTA and Mantua Elementary School. If this form is not filled out, you cannot use the Mantua facilities. Please contact for this form.

3) TEAM COMPETITIONS: Additionally, a number of the competitions are team competitions—you will be notified by Mid-October of other families interested in forming a team. Teams will require at least one parent volunteer per team.

4) AGE APPROPRIATENESS: Please note the age guidelines associated with some of the competitions. It is imperative that you respect these guidelines to ensure that your child is challenged appropriately for both their maturity and ability. If your child does not meet the age requirements, they WILL NOT be permitted to participate.

5) COSTS: Please be aware that these teams are RUN and FUNDED by parent volunteers and the families involved. Neither the school nor the PTA run or provide funding for the competitions, tests, or team expenses. Many of the competitions cost $10-45 for participation/expenses, but a few (like FLL) can run in excess of $100 per participant. Typically, the coordinator or coach will split the costs for team registration, materials, t-shirts, and other expenses among the team members. Thus, it is important to pay your fair share promptly to ensure coordinators and coaches are reimbursed for their expenses.

If you need further information about any of these competitions, please use the links on:

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All competitions cost money, if you are unable to financially contribute, then it is possible that your child may not be able to participate. Expected costs for a competition should be reviewed at the first team meeting.
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Competitions and Clubs are not possible without volunteers. If you are unwilling to coach/volunteer, your child may not be able to compete.
My child and I understand that the project, solution, and overall effort in any competition is to be his/her own work and we agree to abide by the rules of the competition(s). *
All Academic Competitions should be based on a child's work. Parents serve as volunteers, judges, and coaches.
AMC 8 (6th graders)
The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills. The contest will be held in November. NOTE: We will need a parent volunteer to COORDINATE this event.
Destination Imagination (DI)
Destination Imagination encourages students to have fun, take risks, focus and frame challenges while incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the arts and service learning. Participants build on their strengths while learning patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving. Team levels are: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, collegiate. The division in which team competes is based on the oldest member of the team. NOTE: DI and OM are similar competitions and are often held on the same day--please sign up for ONLY one.
FIRST Lego League, Junior (Jr.FLL) (K - 3rd grade)
The goal of Jr. FLL is to develop teamwork skills, discover real-world math and science, design and build a challenge-related model using LEGO components, and create a Show-Me poster and practice presentation skills.
FIRST Lego League (FLL) (3rd - 6th grade)
FLL is an annual competition centered around three main components: Lego Robotics using the EV3 or NXT Mindstorm set, in which kids design and race a robot to accomplish a number of missions; a project, in which teams research problems centered on a given theme and find original solutions; and teamwork. The theme of the competition changes from year to year. NOTE: This competition occurs during the Fall, and teams typically form in the Spring/Summer to prepare.
Future Problem Solvers (FPS) (4th - 6th grade)
FPS engages kids in creative problem solving applied to an interdisciplinary study of future Issues. NOTE: We will need a parent volunteer to COORDINATE this event.
Mathcounts (6th graders)
Mathcounts is a nationwide middle school mathematics competition. MATHCOUNTS is a national program that involves improving math skills and representing Mantua as a team in competition. NOTE: We will need a parent volunteer to COORDINATE this event.
National Geographic Bee
National Geographic Bee is a national competition testing geographic knowledge. NOTE: We will need a COORDINATOR to lead this year, along with parent volunteers.
National Spelling Bee
National Spelling Bee is a national competition testing spelling skills. NOTE: We need an additional Coordinator for this event, and will need parent volunteers.
Odyssey of the Mind (OM)
Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. The division in which the team competes is based on the oldest member of the team. Age divisions are: K-5, 6-8, 9-12, and collegiate. NOTE: DI and OM are similar competitions and are often held on the same day--please sign up for ONLY one.
Science Fair (1st - 6th grade)
Those selected will compete in the Fairfax County Elementary and Middle School Science and Engineering Fair organized by Pinnacle Academy and College of Science, George Mason University (if held). There are the following grade divisions: Division I (1st & 2nd), Division II (3rd & 4th), Division III (5th and 6th). NOTE: We already have a Coordinator, but we will still need parent volunteers to run this event.
Science Olympiad, Division A (3rd - 5th grade)
Elementary school level test based and building events. It is a good introduction to middle and high school Science Olympiad programs. NOTE: We already have a Coordinator for this event, but will still need parent volunteers. NOTE: This signup will close on Friday 9/14.
Science Olympiad, Division B (6th grade)
Middle school level Science Olympiad Program. It has both test based and building events. Fifth graders having prior experience in Div. A can attempt. We strongly suggest those who don't have previous experience in Science Olympiad, to take part in Div. A first. NOTE: We already have a Coordinator for this event, but will still need parent volunteers.
Members have an opportunity to attend the XSTEM symposium in 2019 and take part in workshops. They will be able to attend Sneak Peek Friday before the US Science and Engineering Festival opens to the general public. NOTE: We will need a parent volunteer to COORDINATE this event.
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