2020 End of Year BCPL Survey
Thank you for your time in letting us know your thoughts and opinions of the library services in Brooke County.

Both our locations in Wellsburg and Follansbee strive to meet your needs, but may need tweaks here and there.

We know COVID drastically changed the way the public uses locations outside of their own home, and that is has altered library services for the time being.

We would love to get your feedback now that 2020 is almost over in a few short months.

So let us know what works and does not and we will endeavor to take it into consideration.

This survey was designed to take less than 5-10 minutes of your time.
What is your zip code? *
Which library location have you visited? *
Do you feel that both libraries have taken enough precautions for you to comfortably use either of our locations during this Pandemic? *
How do you currently use the library:
Already Do
Might Do
Not Likely To Do
Check out books or movies
Use a computer or wi-fi access
Read newspapers or magazines
Use a meeting room/attend a meeting
Get help with research or use research databases
Research family or local history
Attend a lecture or author event
Participate in a book discussion group
Attend a concert or art exhibit
Search for jobs/apply for a job online
Get help with my e-reader or with borrowing from WVReads
Find a quiet place to read or study
Get homework help
Take my child/granchild to a program or event
Learn more about interesting topics/hobbies
Use faxing, scanning, photocopying, or laminating services
Use notrary services
Get help with my smart device or computer
Check-out a library kindle or utilize other technology offered in-house (makerspaces)
Use the Contactless Pick-up Service
Other ways I use the library:
What is your general impression of library services in Brooke County?
What is the one thing the libraries in the county could do to better meet your needs? Anything we are not addressing due to COVID-19?
If you already use the library regularly, how much would you estimate that your trips to the library have been affected due to COVID-19?
What new programs or services would you like to see at your library? How can we meet your needs if you are someone who chooses to only take part in picking up materials via contactless pickup or if you can't leave your house much?
Does your household require internet connection in order to attend virtual library programming? (Meaning you do not have the internet or enough data on your cell phone at home?) *
If you do not have internet connection and/or enough data on your cell phone at home, would a hotspot lending program be something you would utilize from the libraries?
Clear selection
Other comments:
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