Registration for #SAMW SS20 Pass
Media, buyer and photographer registration for South African Menswear Week SS20 taking place on 07 and 08 February 2020.

Please note that accreditation closes on 28 Janury 2020 at 22h00.
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Please share your names and contact details to get this application started. These are checked against previous applications, and note that EACH member of a publication / team requires their own application, and applications, or accreditation is not transferrable this season.
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Please note that all shows require approval of the media list from the designers and their PR. We cannot guarantee that all show's requested will have seating available for all applications. We do our best to get all genuine media seated at all shows. For 2020, accreditation is provided on a FULL DAY basis, so please select the days which you will attend.
Friday 07 February 2020:
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