Feed the Funnel party!
You're invited to pack thousands of meals in a safe, controlled environment to help our neighbors in need! Effective screening, sanitation, and social distancing practices are part of the process, and everyone who participates will need to sign a COVID-19 waiver form.

PLEASE NOTE: EFFECTIVE MONDAY, JULY 20TH, ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS THAT COVER THE MOUTH AND NOSE, PER MANDATE FROM GOVERNOR HUTCHINSON. See https://www.4029tv.com/article/arkansas-gov-issues-statewide-mask-mandate/33339153 for complete details and exemptions.

We'll crank up the music and get the disco ball spinning, and as always, the gong will be front and center!

Recommended group size is 3-8 people (ages 6-65) who have been working or living together during the COVID crisis. This is an ideal opportunity for a family, work team, or group of roommates.

We do request a donation of $50 per participant to help cover the cost of ingredients, supplies, packaging, equipment, and facilities. Donations can made securely online at https://thepackshack.org/donate/. The Pack Shack is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Your crazy Feed the Funnel party will take place in our party room located @
1091 E. Lowell Ave. Cave Springs AR 72718
Feed the Funnel times and dates - please select your preferred dates and times (dates and times are subject to availability and will be confirmed with you by The Pack Shack)
Friday - August 7
Tuesday - August 11
Thursday - August 13
Monday - August 17
Wednesday - August 19
Friday - August 21
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