Revolution of Callisto
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The Revolution Has Begun!
The king is imprisoned! The Republic has been proclaimed! All are equal: no longer are there nobles or peasants. Now we are all citizens.

Everyone is participating. The palaces have been nationalized and opened to the public. The cafés are abuzz with revolutionary ideas and stories of new scientific discoveries.

But not everyone is happy: the Republic is surrounded by monarchies, threatened by these new ideas. The former nobility scheme to reclaim their titles. There are even those who secretly desire a return to the Old Ways.

The Republic is a grand experiment. For the first time, our destiny is in our own hands, to shape as we will. What will we build on this foundation?

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About the game
Revolution of Callisto is a play-by-email game of group storytelling/roleplaying, using the Callisto ruleset. Information about my previous game session, Tower of Callisto, can be found here:

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